The benefits are endless. As we mature most of us will start to lose hair in specific areas for example the Eyebrow area. By implanting pigment in to skin to mimic natural Hairstokes this can give the illusion of a full brow without others actually being aware that you have actually had SPMU, if this is what you desire.  With regards to Eyes ,an Eyeliner can give you more definition around the Eye area therefore when you wake up you feel and look good. This will automatically boost your confidence and self esteem. Another factor as  we mature is we tend to lose our vermilion border which proves difficult when applying a Lip Liner or a Lipstick. By having a Lip Liner or a Lip Blush this can create an illusion of giving you back what you where born with. A fuller natural Lip. Whilst on holiday no smudging in the sun and always looking groomed.