What Is Semi Permanent makeup?2021-09-28T09:49:15+00:00

(SPMU), is also known in the industry as micropigmentation and a is form of cosmetic tattooing. This procedure is an enhancement which can literally change your life. Can you imagine not having to worry about how you look when you wake up ? Wake Up With Makeup !
SPMU consists of carefully implanting a pharmaceutical graded pigment into the dermal layer of the skin and can create a beautiful natural makeup look. This procedure can enhance your natural features and be as gentle or as glamorous as you want it to be. This is tailored to the individual and dependent on client preference. During the consultation all will be discussed to ensure your expectations can be met in order to achieve the look that you desire .

How long will it last?2021-09-28T09:49:10+00:00

SPMU can last several years however a top up is recommended around every 12 months. Anything over 18 months will revert back to the original price. Top ups can be carried out sooner that the 12 month period if needed.  This  depends on the client and how they well they retain the pigment.  Also how perfectly groomed they like the area to apppear. Factors that can contribute to fading are frequent sun usage, frequent swimming, chemical peels. Basically anything that is harsh or abrasive to the treated area.

Does it hurt?2021-09-28T09:49:05+00:00

This basically depends on the client. The majority of clients say that actually plucking the area is more uncomfortable than having SPMU. I use the best equipment and correct pressure depth. With nine years experience in the industry i believe i have mastered the comfortabilty process and ensure my clients are at ease. I endeavour for them to enjoy their treatment and ensure they are completely reassured and relaxed before i go ahead. I also use a fantastic anaesthetic creme to numb the area prior to the treatment . Things that may contribute to feeling a little uncomfortable are if you are feeling unwell,run down or it is a certain time of the month for Ladies .

Am I suitable candidate for SPMU?2021-09-28T09:49:01+00:00
The majority of people are absolutely fine to have SPMU. I have a complete variation of clients from the age of 18 to 80 plus. throughout your consultation we will discuss everything in detail and also discuss any medication you may be taking to ensure that you are a good candidate for SPMU and that your expectations can be met.
What are the benefits of having Semi Permanent Makeup ?2021-09-28T09:48:56+00:00
The benefits are endless. As we mature most of us will start to lose hair in specific areas for example the Eyebrow area. By implanting pigment in to skin to mimic natural Hairstokes this can give the illusion of a full brow without others actually being aware that you have actually had SPMU, if this is what you desire.  With regards to Eyes ,an Eyeliner can give you more definition around the Eye area therefore when you wake up you feel and look good. This will automatically boost your confidence and self esteem. Another factor as  we mature is we tend to lose our vermilion border which proves difficult when applying a Lip Liner or a Lipstick. By having a Lip Liner or a Lip Blush this can create an illusion of giving you back what you where born with. A fuller natural Lip. Whilst on holiday no smudging in the sun and always looking groomed.
Is it expensive?2021-09-28T09:48:52+00:00
When you consider all of the benefits , SPMU is a relatively low cost option . However you do pay for quality , a good service, a clinical  area and also the time i take with my clients. I never rush and always allocate a good time slot to ensure the clients needs are met. With regards to your face you should never compromise and go for a cheap option as this can be a huge mistake. The amount of correction work I have carried out over the years is countless and the client then has to pay out again. Always do your research and word of mouth is a fantastic tool as this speaks volumes. Look at reviews . Please feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation . I find this puts the client at ease as it can be a big decision for some people . The feedback I tend to receive off clients is that they are sorry they did not do it sooner .


“Without a doubt Lydia is THE BEST!! Immaculate Make up ticks all the boxes.  Professional, Friendly and thorough service. Lydia is such a perfectionist and never fails to ensure that i am completely satisfied before leaving the salon. I have both lip liner, lip blush and eyeliner from Lydia . I highly recommend this beautiful lady to anybody contemplating semi permanent make up. Once you meet her you will be hooked ”


“Just had Nano brows done by Lydia. She is very professional, thorough and caring and does a complete consultation that goes through everything. She explained about different techniques and looks and advised me about shape etc and listened to what I wanted.
I’m so delighted with the results, I love my brows, natural, neat, softly defined just perfect. Lydia is a perfectionist. Highly recommend. Thanks Lydia.


“Been to Lydia over three years now for my semi permanent eyebrows.  Every time she gets them right- does exactly what I ask for and advises me what would fit my face. Always a lovely experience.  Salon is calm and very clean. I always get comments on my eyebrows and recommend Lydia 110%!”


“Just had the dermaplaning done by Tracy & have got to say, my skin feels amazing. I’ve had it before & thought my skin wasn’t too bad but after seeing all the dead skin that was removed today, I was shocked. I always thought my skin was really good but looks can be deceiving.
Honest. Even if you think your skin is great, with the daily pollution & uv rays damaging your skin, refresh your face by getting this Would highly recommend & will be going back when I’m due xx


“Lydia is By far the best eyebrow technician I know with the most experience in my area, so professional in every way and always makes me feel comfortable & welcome when I’m at the salon getting my treatment, she is a perfectionist and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. I Highly recommend immaculate make up to anyone in the area and outside the area it would be worth the travel had my last top up in January and there still looking fabulous :)”


“Have been going to Lydia for my brows for about 2 years now and I wont let another person touch them! She does an amazing job every single time. Tracy has been doing my eyelashes for about a year now and I’m amazed every time she does them and everyone comments on how amazing they look! I love going to Immaculate Makeup its a lovely place!!!”


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