Is it expensive?

When you consider all of the benefits , SPMU is a relatively low cost option . However you do pay for quality , a good service, a clinical  area and also the time i take with my clients. I never rush and always allocate a good time slot to ensure the clients needs are met. [...]

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What are the benefits of having Semi Permanent Makeup ?

The benefits are endless. As we mature most of us will start to lose hair in specific areas for example the Eyebrow area. By implanting pigment in to skin to mimic natural Hairstokes this can give the illusion of a full brow without others actually being aware that you have actually had SPMU, if this [...]

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Am I suitable candidate for SPMU?

The majority of people are absolutely fine to have SPMU. I have a complete variation of clients from the age of 18 to 80 plus. throughout your consultation we will discuss everything in detail and also discuss any medication you may be taking to ensure that you are a good candidate for SPMU and that [...]

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Does it hurt?

This basically depends on the client. The majority of clients say that actually plucking the area is more uncomfortable than having SPMU. I use the best equipment and correct pressure depth. With nine years experience in the industry i believe i have mastered the comfortabilty process and ensure my clients are at ease. I endeavour [...]

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How long will it last?

SPMU can last several years however a top up is recommended around every 12 months. Anything over 18 months will revert back to the original price. Top ups can be carried out sooner that the 12 month period if needed.  This  depends on the client and how they well they retain the pigment.  Also how [...]

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What Is Semi Permanent makeup?

(SPMU), is also known in the industry as micropigmentation and a is form of cosmetic tattooing. This procedure is an enhancement which can literally change your life. Can you imagine not having to worry about how you look when you wake up ? Wake Up With Makeup ! SPMU consists of carefully implanting a pharmaceutical [...]

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