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Is Primelase a permanent form of laser hair removal?

Primelase progressively eliminates active follicles permanently (hair in anagen growth phase) through successive sessions. At certain times there are several factors that can activate currently inactive follicles. Hormone changes, for example, can be found amongst these factors.

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Is the treatment painful?

The hair removal treatment with Primelase should not be painful although some patients may experience some discomfort related to the heat produced by the laser interaction with the tissue or caused by the cooling used to protect the surface of the skin. Your provider will be checking with you about your comfort during the entire [...]

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Is Primelase suitable for everyone?

Primelase can be performed in all skin types and during the entire year as it is safe to be performed in darker skin types and even tanned skin. Primelase is also very effective on residual hair which is the thin remaining hair that many other laser treatments cannot get rid of. Any patient is a [...]

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How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Primelase uses diode laser technology in order to deliver the most effective hair removal treatment for all skin types maximizing the results while warrantying the integrity and health of your skin. In a very simplified way, our lasers produce a very intense light that is of an specific “color” (wavelength) that selectively and intensively heats [...]

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